Big Brother Rankings: Episode 1 and 2

My thoughts on the contestants of Big Brother 16 through Episode 1/2:


                                                            Big Brother 16:

Episodes 1/2: Contestants So Far:

Donny: FAV! Looks like the guy on Duck Dynasty

Amber: Holy hottie alert! Smokin! Look alike to Whiney Houston

Devin: He seems pretty cool! Has two year old kid. Looks like the Rock.

Jo Jo: Seattle gal. She looks cool! Kinda cute.

Nicole: So cute! Seems like a dumb blonde but I bet she is really smart. She is also very attractive.

Brittany: Got 3 kids. VERY ATTRACTIVE.

Caleb: Awesome guy. Military country boy.


Cody: All the girls will love him! Hes got that “look”.

Frankie: Ehh, not really a fan. Ariana Grande brother. Super funny though.


Christiane: She seems odd…..Really quirky! Freaky looking husband….. SHE likes to walk around NAKED.

Hayden: Goofy funny rad dude! Don’t think he will go that far in this game.

Victoria: Seems like a witch. Two faced. Also very cocky.

Zach: Seems really just jocky. Already pissed off the HOH just MINUTES into the BB house. IDIOT!

            I’ll have a recap on what happens on episode 2 and my thoughts on it, tomorrow


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