Big Brother 16: Episode 3

At the very start of the episode, we saw a new side of Pow Pow. She actually put herself second and really cared/cares about Donny. I love Donny and his alliance with Pow Pow. Hope one of them wins the veto and then they vote the other person out.

Donny is a true guy. I have so much respect for him and the emotion he showed, was making me little watery in the eyes.

Devin, on the other hand, is just a really stupid player. First, he thinks Donny is solider, then he thinks he is a great actor. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I am actually on Frankie’s side of this one: He is overthinking this game already!

Donny and Devin talk and Devin asks him about if he was in the military. He said no and I was thinking that Devin may turn the tables but it still seems that he wants to take Donny out.

Joey asks Amber if she wants to have an all girl alliance. Joey doesn’t know that Amber is in the Bomb Squad.

Amber then goes back to Caleb and tells him. Jo Jo is target #1 now.

Jo Jo tells Devin that yes, she did start a all girl alliance. Why?!?! You never tell somebody that! oh goodness..

Next up is picking players for the veto: Donny, Zach, Pow Pow, Victoria, Cody and Caleb all will be in competition. 

POV Comp was up next and boy, they cats are not very good spellers! Last one was Donny and he had a 9 letter word! DONNY WINS POV! WHOO!!!!

 Veto meeting is up next and Donny takes himself off the block. Caleb puts Joey on the block so it will be Joey vs. POW POW!


Big Brother Rankings: Episode 1 and 2

My thoughts on the contestants of Big Brother 16 through Episode 1/2:


                                                            Big Brother 16:

Episodes 1/2: Contestants So Far:

Donny: FAV! Looks like the guy on Duck Dynasty

Amber: Holy hottie alert! Smokin! Look alike to Whiney Houston

Devin: He seems pretty cool! Has two year old kid. Looks like the Rock.

Jo Jo: Seattle gal. She looks cool! Kinda cute.

Nicole: So cute! Seems like a dumb blonde but I bet she is really smart. She is also very attractive.

Brittany: Got 3 kids. VERY ATTRACTIVE.

Caleb: Awesome guy. Military country boy.


Cody: All the girls will love him! Hes got that “look”.

Frankie: Ehh, not really a fan. Ariana Grande brother. Super funny though.


Christiane: She seems odd…..Really quirky! Freaky looking husband….. SHE likes to walk around NAKED.

Hayden: Goofy funny rad dude! Don’t think he will go that far in this game.

Victoria: Seems like a witch. Two faced. Also very cocky.

Zach: Seems really just jocky. Already pissed off the HOH just MINUTES into the BB house. IDIOT!

            I’ll have a recap on what happens on episode 2 and my thoughts on it, tomorrow