Ten Things I Think I’m Hearing About the Draft

Originally posted on The MMQB with Peter King:

1. I think La’el Collins, the LSU tackle projected to be a first-round draft choice, has a problem. Apregnant woman Collinsapparently knew was murdered last week in Louisiana, and police want to speak with Collins. Police say he is not a suspect. But one team I talked to that is interested in drafting a tackle in the first round is now re-thinking whether Collins will even be on its board on Thursdaynight. This team’s thinking goes:How can you draft a guy who’s being sought in connection with the death of a woman, even if police are saying now he isn’t a suspect? He needs to be exonerated byThursday.Fair or unfair, Collins needs to address this today, and with finality.

2. I think Tennessee, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, three of the first four teams in the second round, all have inquired with late-first-round teams about trading up into the…

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Big Brother 16: Episode 3

At the very start of the episode, we saw a new side of Pow Pow. She actually put herself second and really cared/cares about Donny. I love Donny and his alliance with Pow Pow. Hope one of them wins the veto and then they vote the other person out.

Donny is a true guy. I have so much respect for him and the emotion he showed, was making me little watery in the eyes.

Devin, on the other hand, is just a really stupid player. First, he thinks Donny is solider, then he thinks he is a great actor. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! I am actually on Frankie’s side of this one: He is overthinking this game already!

Donny and Devin talk and Devin asks him about if he was in the military. He said no and I was thinking that Devin may turn the tables but it still seems that he wants to take Donny out.

Joey asks Amber if she wants to have an all girl alliance. Joey doesn’t know that Amber is in the Bomb Squad.

Amber then goes back to Caleb and tells him. Jo Jo is target #1 now.

Jo Jo tells Devin that yes, she did start a all girl alliance. Why?!?! You never tell somebody that! oh goodness..

Next up is picking players for the veto: Donny, Zach, Pow Pow, Victoria, Cody and Caleb all will be in competition. 

POV Comp was up next and boy, they cats are not very good spellers! Last one was Donny and he had a 9 letter word! DONNY WINS POV! WHOO!!!!

 Veto meeting is up next and Donny takes himself off the block. Caleb puts Joey on the block so it will be Joey vs. POW POW!

Big Brother Rankings: Episode 1 and 2

My thoughts on the contestants of Big Brother 16 through Episode 1/2:


                                                            Big Brother 16:

Episodes 1/2: Contestants So Far:

Donny: FAV! Looks like the guy on Duck Dynasty

Amber: Holy hottie alert! Smokin! Look alike to Whiney Houston

Devin: He seems pretty cool! Has two year old kid. Looks like the Rock.

Jo Jo: Seattle gal. She looks cool! Kinda cute.

Nicole: So cute! Seems like a dumb blonde but I bet she is really smart. She is also very attractive.

Brittany: Got 3 kids. VERY ATTRACTIVE.

Caleb: Awesome guy. Military country boy.


Cody: All the girls will love him! Hes got that “look”.

Frankie: Ehh, not really a fan. Ariana Grande brother. Super funny though.


Christiane: She seems odd…..Really quirky! Freaky looking husband….. SHE likes to walk around NAKED.

Hayden: Goofy funny rad dude! Don’t think he will go that far in this game.

Victoria: Seems like a witch. Two faced. Also very cocky.

Zach: Seems really just jocky. Already pissed off the HOH just MINUTES into the BB house. IDIOT!

            I’ll have a recap on what happens on episode 2 and my thoughts on it, tomorrow

Idaho Potato Bowl: Buffalo vs San Diego State

SDSU vs Buffalo in Boise!

Buffalo vs. San Diego State Preview:

The Bulls face the Aztecs in Boise on December 21, 2013 on ESPN. Here are some notes on each team.

San Diego State Offense: The Aztecs started off 0-3 but then rallied to win the next 7 of 8 before losing to UNLV.  Quinn Kaehler, Junior from San Ramon, CA, started the past 10 games after Adam Dingwell got benched after the Ohio State loss. Kaehler has thrown for 2,796 yards with 17 TD compared to 9 INT’s. Kaehler has completed 60.1 percent of his passes. Adam Muema, the junior from Covina, CA, has rushed for 100+ yards in five games this season. He rushed for 233 yards vs. New Mexico.

Buffalo Offense: Buffalo started out the season on a sour note. They lost to Ohio State, 40-20, then went to Baylor and got crushed 70-13. They did win seven straight until the loss vs. Toledo. Sophomore QB, Joe Licata, has thrown for 2,628 yards and 21 TD’s compared to 7 picks with a completion rate of 59.1. Branden Oliver is 6th in the NCAA in rushing attempts (282) and 2nd in the MAC in rushing yards (1421).

San Diego State Defense: On the defensive side, J.J. Whittaker is a monster! He has three interceptions on the season with one of them, returned for a touchdown! He is third in the MWC with 11 passes defended.

Buffalo Defense: The San Diego State O line will have a big task in Boise with trying to control Khalil Mack. The senior from Fort Pierce, Florida, is 3rd in the FBS with five forced fumbles and is first in the FBS, of all time, with 75 tackles for losses. Mack has 94 tackles along with 3 INT’s for the year.

Prediction: This game will be run, run, run with a little passing in the middle. I expect Muema to get 15+ carries and if he can get past Khalil Mack, I expect the Aztec to win this game. I’m going with San Diego State 27, Buffalo 14

New Mexico Bowl Preview: Colorado State vs. Washington State

Washington State vs. Colorado State

New Mexico Bowl:

Colorado State vs. Washington State

  • Kapri Bibbs has been a monster for Colorado State. The sophomore from Plansfield, Illinois has rushed for 1,572 yards in the Mountain West. He is first in the Mountain West in rushing yards, rushing attempts, plays from scrimmage and TD’s from scrimmage. He is 8th in rushing yards in the NCAA and first in the NCAA in TD’s from scrimmage. He is a workhorse!
  • Colorado State has won 3 of the past 4, with its only loss to Utah State.
  • First time Colorado State has been bowling since 2008 when they beat Fresno State 40-35.
  • The Rams are 20th in the nation in yards per game (485) and points per game (38.3).
  • Garret Grayson passed for 3,180 yards. 21 TD’s to 10 Interceptions.

– On the other side, Washington State’s QB is a machine! Connor Halliday has thrown 28 TD’s on 656 Attempts (1st in Pac 12 and NCAA) as well as total plays (699).

– He does have 21 interceptions which ranks first in the NCAA. Halliday set the FBS record for passing attempts in a game, throwing it 89 times (completing 58) in a loss to Oregon in October.

– Their running game does struggle. They are ranked 123rd in the FBS of 126 teams with 58.7 yards per game. They have only had three games which they rushed for over 100 yards.

– They have won two of the last 3 but their last game was a loss to Washington.

-Prediction: Both of these teams could be on display for the first game of the bowl season. Kapri Bibbs has shown when he gets going, he will run and run and run! He has rushed for 200 yards, 3 times this season (201 vs. Wyoming, 291 vs. New Mexico and 312 vs. Nevada). Connor Halliday is not afraid to throw the deep ball as well. I think Bibbs runs for 200+ and the Rams get their first bowl win since 2008. Colorado State 45, Washington State 41

Boise Press Conference 12/8/12


Interim Head coach Bob Gregory spoke with the media for the first time since the departure of Coach Petersen. Here are some of the things he had to say:

  • Heard about on Thursday and got told about it on Friday by Coach Peterson.
  • Recruits were told by Mark Coyle the AD of Boise State and all Recruits scheduled to visit here yesterday, were postponed and future trips for recruits will be postponed till January.
  • He did interview for the head coaching position today with AD Mark Coyle.
  • He is pumped for the game in Hawaii and he knows the players will work hard and will have no lingering effects of the situation.
  • Doesn’t know who will start but knows that Southwick is getting better every day and he will play on Xmas Eve.

Kirby Moore, Kharyee Marshall and Johnathan Brown addressed the media next.

  • Marshall found out and was sadden by the news but he wishes coach pete the best at UW.
  • Brown got up at 6:15 AM to buy a pair of new shoes. He didn’t get the pair so he was checking ESPN.com and saw the news and couldn’t go back to sleep.
  • Moore found out from some text messages from some of his friends and then found out there was a meeting with Coach Pete that morning and knew the news had to be true.
  • Brown and Marshall thought it was cool because “their” coach gets to be the head coach now and gets to run the point. Fired them up little bit.
  • They found out they were going to the Hawaii Bowl with Coach Gregory before practice today.
  • They do not know their opponent for the game but they do know they are going to Hawaii.

That’s all from the press conference.

NFL Team Rankings.

Who are the top of the NFL Rankings? Well, find out here! 

Bryan Nolen’s first ever NFL Rankings (Through Week 8):

1. Denver Broncos: What can you say about this team? Just so strong all around! Star QB in Manning, pretty solid running game and excellent wide outs in Thomas, Welker, Decker, etc. Defense is very strong and is even strong now since Von Miller came back.

2-Seattle Seahawks- I know they haven’t played yet, this week, but they are still my #2 team in the rankings. Russell Wilson has stood out as the best QB that came out of the 2011 draft class. Marshawn Lynch is a workhorse and they yet to have Percy Harvin play a game with them. He could come back Monday at the earliest! Their secondary is outstanding with Sherman, Johnson and others. Earl Thomas, Safety, is a interception machine.

3-Kansas City Chiefs- I know they are undefeated but I just think that they are not the best in the NFL. Really impressed with the job Andy Reid has done. Dwayne Bowe and company provide some targets for QB Alex Smith. They only beat Cleveland by 6 so I am little skeptical.  

4.-New Orleans Saints- I am really impressed with this team. Drew Brees is year after year getting better and better. Lance Moore along others bring Brees big targets and then the big man. Jimmy Graham is Drew Brees’ best friend. Sean Peyton comes back and they are back to winning like nothing ever happened. 

5- Indy Colts- I know that you guys are probably saying really? The Colts are at five? They beat Denver! Yes I know that, They also beat Seattle, but they lost to Miami! They have lost Reggie Wayne for the season with a torn ACL, so I just don’t feel good about this team. 

6- New England Patriots- Tom Brady and company just keep rolling. They beat the Dolphins 27-17 after scoring 27 unanswered points. Tom Brady wasn’t worried and he just kept the offense in tact and they cruised to victory.

7-Green Bay Packers- I like this team. I really do, but the injuries are just killing them! James Jones with the knee, Randall Cobb done for a couple months and Jermichael Finley could be done for his career! Aaron Rodgers is a unbelievable QB but he needs his WR’s.

8-San Francisco 49ers- The Niners had no problem beating the Jags in London, 42-10. Kap threw for one and ran for couple scores and Frank Gore was just rumbling through the horrid Jags defense. 

9-Cincinnati Bengals- What a performance by Andy Dalton on Sunday afternoon. He threw for a career high 4 touchdowns and they crushed the Jets, 49-9. Marvin Jones came in to the game with 3 touchdowns caught all season. He caught 4 yesterday. Their division is pretty bad, so they will have no problem winning the conference. 

10-Detroit Lions- What a performance by Calvin Johnson on Sunday! 329 yards receiving! He was only 6 yards shy of breaking Flipper Anderson’s record of 336 receiving yards. They were down 30-24 with 1:12 left in the game. Stafford connected with Kris Durham and then connected with Calvin Johnson to bring it down to the one with 15 seconds left in the game. Stafford made the fake spike work and ran in for the touchdown. He finished with 488 passing yards while Dez Bryant got into 2 altercations with his teammates and coaches.

11-Dallas Cowboys- See No. 10

12-Chicago Bears- Much needed bye week for the bears as they are dealing with injuries to their main event guys. Jay Cutler has a groin injury and is at least out for 3 more weeks. Lance Briggs has a shoulder injury and Charles Tillman has had some injuries as well. 

13-Oakland Raiders- They might be the most surprising team of the NFL this season. Terrelle Pryor just works for this Raiders offense. Dennis Allen comes back to coach this surprising team which is 3-4 on the season. They beat Pittsburgh 21-18 as Pryor, on the first play of the game, rushed for a 93 yard touchdown to make it 7-0. That was the longest run, by a QB, in NFL history.

14-Arizona Cardinals- Bruce Arians bring his magic to the Cardinals after interning with the Colts last season. They beat the Falcons, 27-13 to go .500 on the season. Fitzgerald caught four passes for 48 yards and a touchdown, and became the youngest in NFL history to reach 800 career catches at 30 years, 57 days. 

15-Miami Dolphins- This team looked like it was going to be amazing at the beginning of the season but they just have fizzled out. They won the first three but since have lost the last four. Ryan Tannehill has been struggling and Mike Wallace is getting frustrated. They need to get to work and they need to get to work quickly. 

16-Carolina Panthers- This is one of the teams that just seems like there is something there that is not right. Cam Newton looked fantastic on Thursday night but I just don’t have a good feeling about this squad. They have one big weapon (Steve Smith) and they have some good DB’s but I just feel that they are missing a piece, in order to become a playoff contender. 

17-San Diego Chargers- Another team that is missing that one big star to become a playoff contender.

18-Philadelphia Eagles- QB nightmare for Chip Kelly. Good Luck Chip and welcome to the NFL!

19-New York Jets- Geno had a bad game on Sunday so he will have a good game next week! Stats don’t like folks! Check em out!

20-Buffalo Bills- Like the Eagles, QB nightmare. Kolb is done for the year. Manuel is iffy for a couple more weeks, Tuel is the backup and Thad Lewis is Thad Lewis.

21-St Louis Rams- Tim Tebow, Brett Frave, for crying out loud Rams organization, bring in Vince Young!

22-Cleveland Browns- Jason Campbell looked pretty good on Sunday. He will start week 9 and could start for the rest of the season!

23-Baltimore Ravens- What a offseason for the Ravens and it wasn’t a good offseason. They lost Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin, among others. From a Superbowl championship team, to a team that is trying to even get to .500, the Ravens have some work to do.

24-Tennessee Titans- Jake Locker is back but will Kenny Brit get traded? Find out Tuesday.

25-Washington Redskins- RG3 doesn’t look the same after the torn ACL in the playoff game vs. Seattle.

26-New York Giants- 2 in a row for the G-men! 

27-Houston Texans- Case Kennum looked impressive in the lost to Kansas City but after a bye week, They will go and face Andrew Luck and the Colts!

28-Atlanta Falcons- Julio  Jones is done for the season and Gonzalez should of stayed retired. 

29-Pittsburgh Steelers- They should’ve fired Todd Haley at the end of last season. They are paying for it now.

30-Minnesota Vikings- QB Nightmare! Freeman hurt, Cassel sucks and Ponder is just………

31-Tampa Bay Bucs- Oh Greg Schiano…… He is on the hot seat that is so so so hot! Doug Martin is injured, they don’t got a QB, they are in a world of hurt but hey, they are not as bad as the Jags!

32- Jacksonville Jaguars- Just bring in Tim Tebow. You already suck. Might as well suck and get money for it!